"This program has been greeted with great enthusiasm by entire teaching faculties when presented to them through in-service education programs or training seminars."

- Daniel Kahn, Ph.D.
Tucson, Arizona

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Teaching Basic Writing Skills

Teaching Basic Writing Skills by Judith Hochman

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Teaching Basic Writing Skills
Author: Judith C. Hochman EdD
ISBN-13: 978-1-60218-501-2
Grade: Grades K-12
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Teaching Basic Writing Skills School Set
Author: Judith C. Hochman EdD
ISBN: 432791821821
Grade: Grades K-12
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Teaching Basic Writing Skills provides teachers with instructional strategies for the development of written language. It offers specific techniques to add structure, coherence, and clarity to students’ expository and narrative writing. The activities can be adapted for a wide range of abilities. This program has been successfully implemented in elementary, middle and secondary grades and in every content area.

Teaching Basic Writing Skills . . .

  • presents research-based strategies for teaching writing
  • emphasizes expository writing
  • provides a clearly defined, developmental sequence of goals for constructing sentences, paragraphs and compositions
  • contains activities, reproducible worksheets, checklists and resources for teachers
  • is appropriate for mainstream and remedial students from kindergarten through high school
  • can be used in classrooms, resource rooms or tutorials

New Interactive Templates!
The accompanying CD includes interactive PDFs and interactive whiteboard files of the outlines and many of the other templates presented in the book. These files can be used to model instruction for the class and printed and distributed for individual student use. School Set includes five copies of the book with the Interactive Template CD-ROM and the poster set (9 posters).